Bio of those involved in the project
John Whitelegg: a very short bio

Born Oldham, Lancashire, 1949 and grew up on a council estate
Went to school in Manchester, always by bus, 1960-67
University in Aberystwyth (1967-73) Geography degree, then a PhD on the location of manufacturing industry
Research job in Cardiff on maritime transport, then 3 years in the Outer Hebrides as a council officer responsible for transport (buses, post buses, ferries and inter-island air services) and economic development (crab and lobster fishing, building new piers, tweed making, seaweed processing)
1977-1993, lecturer, senior lecturer, professor, head of department, Geography Department, Lancaster University
During my time at Lancaster University I was seconded for 3 years to the Ministry of Transport in the German state of North Rhine Westphalia where I was part of a policy group advising the minister about transport policy for an area with a population of 16 million including some of Germany’s biggest cities e.g. Dusseldorf and Cologne, advising how to improve alternatives to the car to help people to use the car less as a way of reducing pollution and congestion
1993-2008 set up and ran my own consultancy company, Eco-Logica Ltd, providing transport consultancy to big companies e.g. Pfizer and British Airways, councils e.g. Surrey County Council, hospitals e.g. Derriford in Plymouth, the UK Cabinet Office and the European Commission
At the same time as running the consultancy I was appointed to the global research organisation, the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) working on road safety, aviation and zero carbon transport and appointed Professor of Sustainable Transport at York University
In my time as a Stockholm Environment Institute staff member I worked on a sustainable transport plan for Calcutta, a very polluted/congested city of 15 million, and Beijing with a population of 21 million.
I also work for the World Health Organisation in Geneva on road safety and how to improve health by encouraging more walking, cycling and use of public transport
I have been a professor of transport in Roskilde University in Denmark, Professor of Geography at the University of Essen in Germany and a professor in the School of the Built Environment at Liverpool John Moores University
For 6 years in the 1980s I led the campaign to save the Settle-Carlisle railway line. This was and still is a splendid 72 miles of double track serving dozens of rural communities which British Rail decided to close. I decided to stop them and took on the position of Chair of the Settle-Carlisle Joint Action Committee. We won.
I am a member of the Board of Directors of the Californian organisation “Transportation Choices for Sustainable Communities”
I have written 10 books
I have lived in Shropshire since January 2014, first in Church Stretton and now in Shrewsbury. I lead two Shropshire campaigns (1) to convert the majority of residential roads to 20mph because this improves safety dramatically and is recommended by the World Health Organisation and (2) to improve buses so we are as good as other countries that do it well.
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Robert Thompson
Born Streatham, London, 1985
Went to school in London, by bus or walking.
I've always had an interest and passion in buses and railways.
Since I left school, I have always worked in the bus industry starting as a bus conductor and Inspector from 18 years old.

Railway replacement services play a major role in my life, having always been involved in the running or supplying of vehicles around the UK.
I passed my PCV test when I was 21 and have driven various bus routes, private hires and film jobs over the years in various cities, towns and villages.

I passed my certificate of professional competence(CPC) in passenger land transport in 2014.
This allows me to run a bus company anywhere in the UK and EU.

In 2015, I set up my own bus company in Shrewsbury, Shropshire.

The company provides a mix of sightseeing tours, rail replacement services and private hires.

I recognise the need for improved bus services for the greater good of the communities. I am involved in this project to help with rural bus services and to work in partnership with councils, operators and community groups in this challenging time in the industry.