Bus champions
The bus project has one very clear overall objective: to change hearts and minds by identifying specific, tangible projects that will improve bus services in Shropshire. The identification of specific/tangible projects will learn from best practice in the UK and in EU countries but must also include specifics from the people that matter..those who live in rural Shropshire and use buses, or wish they could use buses which are not currently available.
The project must include local opinion and be as specific as possible. To deliver on this we have invited residents to take on the role of bus champions.

The role of the bus champion is to talk to bus users and those who do not use buses and ask what improvements are needed to meet local needs.
These conversations will be informal and carried out at bus stops and at any other local gatherings where it would be appropriate to ask for this kind of input. This informal information gathering is not a substitute for a well-organised transport survey, so we will also be talking to town and parish councils about the possibilities of a more formal and systematic sample survey.

Bus campions flyer below, click on the image for a PDF version

As of December 2019 we have 7 bus champions and they are:

Steve Todd, Cleobury Mortimer
Covering the South Eastern corner of Shropshire from Kidderminster (Worcestershire) to Ludlow along the corridor of the R&B 292 service plus the Shropshire section of the Diamond 125 service from Kidderminster to Bridgnorth.

stevetodd at uwclub.net

Andrew Williams, Church Stretton

churchstretton4ever at gmail.com

Sarah Wilkinson, Bishops Castle including Lydham, White Grit, Wagbeach, Hope and Colebatch

swilkinson_evolution at icloud.com

Roger Furniss, Ludlow

furniss at phonecoop.coop

K.T. Elliott Wem Shrewsbury 511 Service

shropshirekt at yahoo.com

Linda Gathercole Bridgnorth

lindagathercole944 at gmail.com

Les Bell North Shrewsbury

les.bell4 at btinternet.com

Please replace at with @ for each email address.
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