Campaign in action
We have conducted a consultation with the local Town and parish councils of which we have had numerous responses about existing, previous bus routes as well as suggestions for new routes.

The PDF report can be downloaded here.
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Bus Users Shropshire have been looking at Oswestry bus station and providing recommendations to improve it.

The PDF report can be downloaded here.
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A new printed bus timetable for Ludlow

Many congratulations to Ludlow 21 and its amazing Sustainable Transport Group. They have produced a printed timetable for Ludlow's buses. This is important and this is why Cornwall County Council produce high quality printed timetables. Shropshire Council does not produce bus timetables.

The timetables can be found on this web site by clicking on the "useful contacts" section

 If you have any questions about this timetable please contact: Roger Furniss. furniss at
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We have recently written a letter to local councillors asking for their political party view on bus services.

Below is our letter and the responses we have received so far.
Our letter
Labour response
Liberal Democrats response
Green party response
Independent councillors response
Report on a public meeting in Highley on local bus services.
21/09/2019. A Roadometer board was set up for the public to openly say their views on the proposed Shrewsbury relief road of should the the funding go to better public transport provisions?

The least number of votes went to the relief road.
The majority went to better public transport provivisions such as an improved bus station and electric buses.
29/06/2019. Campaign launch day at the Theatre Severn in Shrewsbury.