About us
The Shropshire-wide bus upgrade project is run by like-minded people with the main objective of achieving significant improvements in bus services in Shropshire.
The project is funded by a national organisation, the Foundation for Integrated Transport.

The Foundation has the simple objective of working with councillors, bus operators, MP's and central government to reverse this decline and to put the very strong case for rural buses in Shropshire to be as good as those that are the norm in rural Switzerland and rural Sweden.

We work closely with the long established "Bus Users Shropshire" group and recommend that all those with an interest in bus services in Shropshire join this group as a member.

The group has produced a very handy bus services map highlighting all bus routes that operate in Shropshire and is available, free of charge from travel shops and libraries in Shropshire.

Contact details for joining can be found on the useful contacts page.
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