Welcome to the Shropshire wide bus upgrade project.
Our aim is to promote services, identify ways in which services can be improved and identify ways in which improved services can be funded and delivered.

Buses are very important to local communities and the local economy. They have a vital role to play in delivering Shropshire Council's high level strategic objectives.
 Improved bus services and a shift away from car use to sustainable transport choices (buses, walking and cycling) are essential to the urgent need to reduce congestion and deliver new policies and measures that are needed to convert the Council's recently declared climate emergency into actual reductions in CO2 emissions.

A shift from car to bus will reduce CO2, reduce pollution and recognise the needs of all those in society that may not have access to a car or be able to drive.
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There is a climate emergency. Shropshire Council has made clear its commitment to recognising and dealing with the climate emergency. Buses are a key part of delivering on that commitment

On 16th May 2019 Shropshire Council declared a climate emergency and the resolution included the following text:

"Local authorities have an important role to play in encouraging behavioural changes that will help to reduce emissions both locally and further afield. It can ensure its policies encourage a rapid transition to carbon zero or net zero in all sectors that support the economy and people of Shropshire, including decisions on planning and economic development".


It will not be possible to achieve significant reductions in CO2 emissions unless there is a major upgrade to bus services in Shropshire and one that is designed to achieve a shift from the car to the bus.

The bus project will play a leading role in the transformation process that is required to turn a rather lack-lustre, unattractive bus service in Shropshire into a high quality, attractive alternative to the car. This transformation process was described in a 1999 report from central government with the title:

"From Workhorse to Thoroughbred"

Foreword by the Deputy Prime Minister
For too long the bus has been seen as a workhorse: familiar, even friendly, but rather dull and unexciting. I want to see it become a thoroughbred. Our White Paper 'A New Deal For Transport' makes it clear that the bus has a crucial part to play in future transport policy. Now this document gives the details.
Our policies are all about change; we need to see change in the way bus services are organised, and in our attitudes towards bus travel, just as we do in all other aspects of transport policy. I believe that the bus has enormous potential that we must unlock, as an essential part of an effective public transport system.
Unfortunately we are not able to deal with travel enquiries or complaints.
For travel enquiries, it is recommended to visit www.traveline.org

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